You are all residents of the kingdom of Grooksford (named after the the current king’s liniage King Grook). You start by being brought before the king who has a job in mind for you and some allies. What your reason for accepting is your own business.

In Character
Out of Character

Sidenote: Allignment is different. There are 25 allignment possibilities instead of 9

Axiomatic → Lawful → Neutral → Chaotic → Anarchaic
Exemplar → Good → Neutral → Evil → Vile

This does two things. For one, it allowes you to be more descriptive with your allignment.

More important; it gives you more freedom with classes that have allignment restrictions. Druids, in this system, just cant have one of the four extremes. This represents the druid’s devotion to neutrality while still allowing them to lean in a direction (which is common in nature).

Paladins have four options: AxEx, AxG, ExL, and LG to show how extreme their devotion truly is.

If you want to play a class with an allignment restriction, ask me how it translates and I will give you your options.

Grooksford Heroes

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