Racial Modifiers:
- 2 str, + 4 dex, – 2 con, + 2 int, + 2 wis
+ 4 spot, + 4 jump
+ 2 listen, + 2 search
+2 save vs enchantment
Immune to magical sleep
low light vision
Proficiencies: Rapier or longsword, lasso, bolas.

Flight progression (as raptoran)
- Glide (40/avg) 20forward/5down and negate fall damage,
- (5 hd) flight 40/avg for 1 round/con mod
- (10hd) flight 40/avg
- Dive Attack

Claustraphobia: If an avarial enters and remains in an enclosed space (either natural or man-made), such as a building, cave, cage, or underground city, after 1 hour they incur a -2 to all rolls due to claustraphobia. If the avarial returns to the outdoors, in an area where they can stretch their wings (12 feet clearance) before 24 hours, the effects of claustraphobia fade over 2 hours (-1 at 1 hour, -0 at 2 hours). If they instead remain in an enclosed area for more than 24 hours, they develop sky sickness.

Sky Sickness: In addition to the effects of claustraphobia, the avarial must will save (DC 15 + 1/2 character level) every hour after the first 24 or succumb to sky sickness. Starting with the first failed save, and every 24 hours thereafter, they incur an additional -2 to every roll, no save beyond the first. This effect stacks up to -10 (-12 with claustraphobia). This effect begins to fade as soon as they return to the outdoors, within sight of the sky, removing -1 from the effect every 24 hours. An avarial cannot begin to recover from sky sickness if they are still under the effects of claustraphobia.

LA: +0

For racial background, see “Races of Faerun”.


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